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Sam and Libby Shoes "Zees"A Timeless Classic: Sam and Libby Shoes

Sam and Libby shoes are a perfect blend of being both chic and affordable. They have a variety of classic styles with a new age twist that are sure to please the most discriminating fashionistas. This website was created as a fansite that is dedicated to educating the masses on Sam and Libby shoes and also provide a way to locate their wonderful products. is not associated in any way with the Sam and Libby brand or the parent company, The Jones Group, Inc.
Sam and Libby shoes have been a must have for over 25 years now. Brands and fads may come and go, but their classic style blended with the latest trends ensures they will continue to be a standard item for any wardrobe. The lineup varies from knee high boots such as the Parker, that are sure to make a statement, to the simple, yet comfortable ballet flats and sandals. Many Sam and Libby shoes are geared towards girls sizes, however they have a great women’s line as well. The girls shoes can be simple and comfortable such as the Zees ballet flat. There are also more fun and youthful looks such as the Remi thong sandals. The women’s line as you would expect has a more mature look while being comfortable at the same time. They are designed for women and are great for going out to the club or relaxing around the house. They even add a touch of class with their elegant pumps. Sam and Libby shoes are sure to impress when going out or provide the comfort you need when staying in.

Categories of Sam and Libby Shoes

Ballet Flats

Sam and Libby offer a practical design that has been a standard of comfort for many years. The ballet flats are comfortable to slip on and will keep you looking cute no matter where you are. Many of the designs have a patent toe cap and bow. A rubber sole will provide traction and a secure grip. Most come with a small heel to provide extra comfort throughout the day.


Sam and Libby also provides their unique touch to sandals, which are a must have during the spring and summer months. Many of the sandals have a fun, youthful look. A wide range of colors and designs are available.


There is currently a wide assortment of boots available in many different colors and styles. The boots also come in a variety of sizes ranging from kids to womens. Some boots also vary in width as they may be wider at the top in order to accommodate those with thicker calves. Currently, ankle high boots are very popular. Sam and Libby offers many different styles to choose from.
As you can see, the Sam and Libby brand has many different products to fit various styles and situations. Sam and Libby products will compliment just about any outfit on any occasion.

UPDATE!!! A new line has been introduced at Target! A quick look at their website shows prices between $8.74 for sandals (Kamila) to $49.99 for tall boots such as the Parker. It appears many of the boots are ankle high with a penchant for a buckle or strap. They of course have many of their popular ballet flats as well, which are generally around $13.